Drafting a preliminary sales agreement: what is the list of documents to provide?

If you wish to purchase a property on the French Riviera, a preliminary sales agreement will be signed before a notary or under private signature. The purpose of this contract is to establish an agreement between the seller and the buyer on the conditions of sale. A period of approximately three months will then be allowed before the final deed of sale is signed at the notary’s office.

Documents to be provided by the seller

For the drafting of a preliminary sales agreement, the seller must provide the following documents
– a copy of his identity card or passport
– the title deed with annexes
– the owner’s last tax notice
– the matrices and cadastral plans,
– the parcel plans
– the surface area of the dwelling
– the note on the possible dependences of private right prescribing or benefiting to the building
– the mortgage statement or a statement of the building issued within the last two months
– the Carrez certificate
If the property is sold empty, but has been recently rented, the seller must provide the notice of the tenant as well as the letter of sale that the tenant has refused. Need help in selling property on the French Riviera? Contact Ange d’Azur.

Documents to be provided for a compromise sale in case of co-ownership

In case of co-ownership, the seller must provide the following documents
– the maintenance booklet of the building
– the conclusions of the global technical diagnosis
– the information notice relating to the rights and obligations of co-owners
– the updated co-ownership regulations
– the minutes of the general assemblies of the last three years
– a summary of the co-ownership carried out by the co-ownership manager
– the descriptive state of division
– the amounts of the current charges
– the amounts likely to be owed by the buyer
– a statement of unpaid charges
– a statement of debts to suppliers

Documents to be provided by the buyer

For the drafting of the preliminary sales agreement, the buyer must provide the following documents
– documents relating to his identity and marital status
– his address
– the method of financing and its conditions if he/she takes out a real estate loan
– information concerning the purpose of his project
After signing the preliminary sales agreement, the buyer has ten days to study all the documents. This period allows the buyer to get information about the property with the help of all the documents that were attached at the time of the signing of the compromis. This will allow the buyer to decide if there are any circumstances that are not acceptable to him/her. In this case, the buyer can retract without any reason or financial penalty. Consequently, the immobilization indemnity will be returned to him by right. For a serene and secure sale of goods, do not hesitate to call upon Ange d’Azur.

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