What are the deadlines for the various diagnostics for the sale of a house?

The validity of a deed of sale requires 9 mandatory diagnoses. This regulation was born with the Carrez law. All these diagnoses must be carried out by a mandated professional. Otherwise, they will not be valid and the owner will incur a penalty. What about the deadlines for these diagnoses?

Duration according to the number of diagnoses

The time required to complete each diagnosis differs. Some require more time than others. Thus, the time required to complete a diagnosis for a house depends on the total number of findings to be made.
Generally, 1 to 4 hours of time are sufficient to finish all 9 diagnoses. This is because some verifications require more thoroughness and therefore more time. However, the skill of the diagnostician also influences this time. A professional who knows what he is doing does not stay on site for long.
Lead diagnostics require much more time than other types of diagnostics. This is because the professional is required to take measurements on all exterior and interior surfaces. This can take 1 hour and 20 minutes if it is a T5 type apartment.
This time frame concerns the realization of the mandatory diagnostics. If you intend to carry out additional diagnostics, this time will not be sufficient. The additional diagnosis is useful if you intend to increase the value of your property. A complete diagnostic report is a good selling point.

Time of realization according to the surface

The time needed to carry out the diagnostics is also conditioned by the surface area to be inspected. The above-mentioned time frame concerns standard houses such as an apartment or a detached house. Large properties such as castles or large mansions certainly require more time.
The DPE diagnosis concerning the energy performance for a 1000 m2 house can take 1 hour. However, the diagnosis of an old house of 160 m2 requires about 4 h 30 min.

Time of realization according to the state of the house

The condition of the house also determines the time needed for the diagnostician to perform the checks.
Recent houses are easier to diagnose. Thus, the time needed to perform the diagnosis is reduced. On the other hand, old buildings take longer to verify. This is because there are many elements that require careful verification. The diagnostician should verify:
● the energy performance ;
● asbestos ;
● lead ;
● electricity and gas;
● termites :
● the Carrez law.
Then, note that a house for sale requires more verifications than the one for rent. Thus, its diagnosis will take more time. The Alur law adds numbers of diagnostics to be done for renting. Therefore, the time required to carry out a diagnosis for rental will surely increase.

The importance of knowing the completion time

It is the business of the professional, certainly, but it is wiser for the owner to know the time of the intervention. These delays condition the rate of the service offered by the professionals. The longer they stay on site, the higher their fees.
To avoid unpleasant surprises, the best thing to do is to ask for an estimate beforehand. Go to the agency of your choice and ask their agents for the estimated time for the intervention. Based on their estimate, you are free to plan the necessary budget.
However, make a comparison of agencies before you choose the workers. Some agencies offer more affordable prices than others. This is beneficial for the owner, especially if there are many diagnostics to be done.
Beware of an agency that performs the work in a very short time. Professionals may miss important points if they work in a hurry. However, you should also be wary of a deadline that drags a lot. Simply put, it will cost you a fortune. That’s why it’s important to have a minimum of knowledge about deadlines.

The deadlines for receiving the reports

First, the diagnostician goes on site and takes all the necessary measurements. He collects the right data to complete the diagnostic report. Then, he writes the report itself from his office.
Thus, there is no time rule that determines how long it takes to write the report. In most cases, you will have your report 48 hours after the intervention. However, it is possible to shorten this period in case of emergency. In this case, you have the possibility to request the report within 24 hours after the intervention.
In short, it is wise for the owner to be informed about everything that concerns real estate diagnostics. One of the important things to know is the time frame. This way, you can manage both your budget and your time. Don’t forget to ask

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