Which diagnostics are mandatory for the sale of a house or an apartment?

Whatever your project of buying or selling a property on the French Riviera, the Ange d’Azur agency accompanies you throughout the procedure. Indeed, many steps must be taken to sell or buy a property.  Just for the drafting of the sales agreement, the seller must submit a certain number of documents. In addition to the administrative documents, the seller must provide the buyer with the file of technical real estate diagnoses.

What is the DDT ?

At the time of the signature of the compromise of sale, the salesman is held to bring to the purchaser a certain number of information, gathered under the shape of a file of technical diagnosis or DDT. This is a single file containing all the technical diagnoses required by law. In France, twelve real estate diagnoses are mandatory. Discover, below, the list of technical diagnoses that are essential for the sale of a property.

Mandatory diagnoses for the sale of a property

You want to sell a house on the French Riviera? Treat yourself to the services of a professional with Ange d’Azur. Going through a real estate agency to sell saves time, but also brings security to the transaction as well as a guarantee of a fair price evaluation. The Ange d’Azur agency accompanies you in all the steps.  Concerning the compulsory diagnoses for the sale of a property, here is the list of compulsory diagnoses for the sale of a house.

  • Asbestos diagnosis

This is a document that attests to the presence or absence of asbestos in the materials or construction products of the house. This concerns in particular a property for which the building permit was issued before July 1st 1997 in France.

  • The diagnosis of non-collective sanitation

If the house is not connected to the public sewerage system, the seller must provide this diagnosis.

  • Electricity diagnosis

The purpose of this diagnosis is to inform the potential buyer about the state of the interior electrical installation. This diagnosis must be provided if the installation is more than 15 years old.

  • Diagnosis of risks and pollution

This diagnosis only concerns properties located in a commune covered by a prefectural decree relating to the state of risks and pollution such as natural hazards, mining or technological hazards, seismicity, radon potential, or polluted soil. If the diagnosis is not in conformity with the law, the buyer can ask for a reduction in the sale price of the house.

  • The diagnosis of airborne noise pollution

This diagnosis must be provided if the house is located in an area where airborne noise pollution is known to exist. It must indicate the precise airfield noise exposure zone, the site of the information service that allows the noise exposure plan to be consulted, as well as the information that it is possible to consult the noise exposure plan at the town hall.

  • Gas diagnosis

The seller must present this diagnosis if the gas installation was carried out more than 15 years ago, or if the last certificate of conformity is more than 15 years old. Indeed, the gas diagnosis makes it possible to report on the interior equipment.

  • Parasitic diagnosis: Merula or termites

This concerns houses located in a zone where there is a risk of merula, which is defined by a prefectural decree. It is good to know that if the presence of merula is detected and if it is judged as constituting a defect, then the civil liability can be engaged, but under certain conditions.

If the house is located in an area subject to a prefectural decree on termite risk, then the seller is required to present this diagnosis. Its purpose is to inform the buyer of a potential presence of termites.

For the sale of an apartment, in addition to these diagnoses, the seller must also present the following diagnoses

the technical diagnosis of the building in co-ownership which is a certificate on which the co-owners base themselves to engage possible works.

  • The diagnosis of energy performance (DPE)

This is one of the most well-known diagnoses. It measures the energy performance of the house such as insulation, the performance of the heating and hot water production system, the ventilation system, etc.

  • Lead diagnosis

It concerns houses built before January 1st 1949 in France. Indeed, these homes may have a risk of exposure to lead. In case of sale, the seller must provide this diagnosis, as well as a notice exposing the effects of lead on health. In case of presence of coatings containing lead, the seller must attach information on the precautions to take.

  • the diagnosis Carrez Law metering

which certifies the surface of the property (house or apartment). It should be noted that the absence of this diagnosis can lead to the nullity of the sale. The buyer can ask to reduce the price of the sale if an error of surface of more than 5% is noted.

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